UFR pluridisciplinaire de Bayonne

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Combining theoretical and methodological learning, the bachelor’s degree in economics and business aims to enable students to gain training in economics and business, as well as in mathematics and applied statistics.
A wide range of optional subjects is offered to the students, encouraging the development of differentiated profiles which are more adaptable to the specific demands of the labor market, while allowing for specialty choices to be made by selecting options among similar fields of study.

Admission requirements for an Economic and Business Bachelor’s degree

Admission requirements in 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of Economic and Business bachelor’s degree for foreign students.

Programme and teaching

Teaching  resources to download (book of past papers, memoirs, resources by subject…)

What can you do after an bachelor’s degree in economics and business?
“I never could have imagined such a variety of job opportunities available with an economic and business bachelor’s degree!” 

Téléchargez la plaquette : Que faire arès la licence économie-gestion ? 52 exemples de parcours et de métiers d'anciens diplômés de Bayonne

What are the job opportunities?

52 examples of careers and jobs of former graduates  of  Bayonne

Requirements to fulfil before and after your arrival

Once you have decided to study in France, you will have to fulfil some requirements regarding:

  • Your registration
  • Your accommodation
  • The financing of your studies
  • Your legal residency status in France
  • etc.


Enquiry Form

If you wish to obtain more information about the Economic and Business bachelor’s degree or the requirements to fulfil as a foreign student you can complete the enquiry form here.

Visit of the campus and the Basque coast

Located near the Spanish border on the Atlantic Ocean, the Nive campus enjoys exceptional assets thanks to its geographical situation.